Hired Hand Southdowns

Hired Hand Southdowns - Aaron, Jessica and Bronte Jennings


Hired Hand Southdowns Sale - June 11


Lot 1

Hired Hand 4128

Sire: Hired Hand 3034

Dam: Hired Hand 1200



This ewe lamb is the start of a breeding program to utilize 3034 on the Hardrock Too daughters. This is essentially brother/sister matings and has kicked out some great ones. She is no different in my opinion. Round ribbed, big hipped and expressive summarize her. She won't be the biggest but she is good.  

Lot 2

Hired Hand 4124

Sire: Hired Hand 3034

Dam: Forsee E11-238



This one is thick from the tip of her nose to her dock. I don't see ewe lambs as powerful and expressive as her very often. She blends two excellent lines of sheep together and will keep getting better. She is a bit stiffed necked when braced but will lay down and have good ones.  

Lot 3

Hired Hand 4009

Sire: Hardrock Too

Dam: Robinson 8070



This ewe lamb had a rough life, as her mother died. I threw her in the milk pen and never looked at her until she caught my eye at weaning. She is huge ribbed and massive topped. Never the biggest, but just a thick made ewe lamb.  

Lot 4

Hired Hand 4068

Sire: Hired Hand 1261

Dam: Hired Hand 1232



We only had a handful of Hired Hand 1261 ewe lambs this year but they were all good! I led off the last sale with one and she went to Missouri. This one is awfully good in person but a little camera shy. She has an extrememly expressive top and huge hip. 1261 worked very well, and I will be AI'ing him this fall as he is offered in the America's Top 20 Stud ram sale.  

Lot 5

Hired Hand 4176

Sire: Stonehenge

Dam: Miller 11-238


I was fortunate enough to breed a pick of the 2011 Forsee lamb crop back to the 2012 National Champion "Stonehenge" ram. Wow! This ewe lamb is impressive. Not only is she backed by a strong pedigree, but she has a tremedously round rib, huge rack, and square hip. I certainly wouldn't be selling her if her mother wasn't still young enough to produce more just like her. She will work extrememly well in the show ring and as a stud female.  

Lot 6

Hired Hand 4075

Sire: Hardrock Too

Dam: Hired Hand 741



Not often do I sell a ewe lamb out of the 700 series Ballard/Hired Hand ewes. This one is a rare offering of a female with 2 full sisters in the flock, one of which is donor female. She has what I want in a ewe and will work for anyone.  

Lot 7

Hired Hand 4108

Sire: Hired Hand 3034

Dam: Robinson 6147



She has the look and grow demanded in the show ring along with power to back it up. Her dam is out of the legendary Benchmark Cole ram CJ Robinson bred and a power ram. I expect her to not dissapoint one iota.  

Lot 8

Hired Hand 4148

Sire: Hardrock Too

Dam: Hired Hand 1146



This young ewe lamb needed to be offered as she really ties some unique genetics together. Her daddy needs no introduction, but her dam is out of the Cash Money ram Joel Flowers purchased and has worked very well for his flock. Her full sister was sold privately last year and won the Deaf Smith County show.  

Lot 9

Hired Hand 3004ET

Sire: Jennings 1332

Dam: Hired Hand 962



I flushed the 962 ewe two years in a row and have a pile of females. This one's ET sister sold for over $2,000 to Iowa on my last sale, so I figured there was someone dissapointed at $1,900. She is built the same way, so here is the contender's opportunity.  


Lot 10

Hired Hand 1121

Sire: Hardrock Too

Dam: Robinson 9022



This ewe is an absolute beast. Not big, but the most powerful ewe I own. She is the first double bred Hardrock Too offered for sale. She has been a donor the last couple flushes and could have a huge impact in your flock as well.  

Lot 11

Robinson 9026

Sire: Hardrock Too

Dam: Robinson 0019



I am not sure if another ewe has had as much impact in my flock as this female. As a ewe lamb I had to double my money just to get her purchased and she paid back. She has 6 retained females in the flock, 1 sold to Missouri, and her lamb was Champion Southdown at Star of Texas (Austin) in 2012 for the Ramsey Family (pictured below).  

Lot 12

Robinson 9221

Sire: Robinson 5108

Dam: Robinson 5018



Sometimes I get fortunate, and this was one such time. This ewe wasn't the fleshiest when purchased as a lamb, but she has kicked out some extremely high quality lambs. Her best ewe lamb is on the way to the donor pen to replace her, and her son Hired Hand 3034 (pictured below) is a featured ram in our program. He was recently partnered on with Northern Star Livestock Services, and will have a huge impact on both flocks.  



Lot 13

Robinson 0059

Sire: Hardrock Too

Dam: Robinson 7047



Some females produce no matter who they are bred to, and this female can do just that. The two ewe lambs pictured below are bred different ways and are flat out killers. HH1244 was 2nd behind the Reserve Supreme at San Antonio 2013 and the other little girl (HH4170) will be in the hunt at whatever shows she attends. This ewe flushed 20 & 24 last time, so she is available. Don't let her working clothes fool you.  




Lot 14

Hardrock Too


The first ever semen offering on Hardrock Too is a tough decision. Since CJ Robinson gave me the opportunity to purchase this ram he deserves recognition. Simply put, I wouldn't be a dot on the map without his help. This ram is to the point a living legend. In the last 3 years he has sired 6 rams sold nation-wide by CJ and myself with still 2 sons remaining in possession. His wethers have won State Fair of Texas, Star of Texas (Austin), Heavy with Champion at Houston, 27 county show champions, and numerous placing lambs. I have flushed 5 of his daughters repetitively, and more still find their way into my donor pen. His daughters are the core of my flock and kick out good ones ever year. He is perhaps the most consistent sire I have ever seen.  

Sellings 2 straws of semen. Semen was frozen by RSG and is considered flush quality. All shipping is at the buyers expense, but delivery to Sedalia via tank is potentially available.  

Lot 15

Jennings 10-1471

Sire: Jennings 08-1266

Dam: Jennings 05-842


Here is the opportunity to purchase semen on a ram that is truly a stud. He is the sire of an entire ram battery utilized by myself and the Cornerstone Flock, as well as other breeders nationwide. We don’t sell many rams, but this one has made his mark by siring the Stubby ram at Brian Forsees'. He is a wether and brood ewe making ram with lambs placing in the top 5 at several Texas majors. This is a blend of Robinson, Cole, Forsee, Ballard, and Jennings lines, it doesn't get much better than that.   

Sellings 2 straws of semen. Semen was frozen by RSG and is considered flush quality. All shipping is at the buyers expense, but delivery to Sedalia via tank is potentially available.  

Jennings 10-1471.jpg

America's Top 20 Online Stud Ram Sale - June 12


Hired Hand 12-1261

A truly impressive ram, 1261, is the first son of 1332 retained out of the donor female 1012.  He has proven to be a successful sire in two lamb crops, which have resulted in exceptional females that were retained and sold as well as high selling wethers. I am excited to offer this ram in the Top 20 sale as he is what I believe to be a foundational Southdown stud ram.  He offers power, mass, and a rugged build  coupled with the ability to elevate chest floors, round up the rib cage, wihtout sacrificing growth potential.  Because of his genetic value I am offering full possession, but retaining half the semen rights.  RRNNEDF  Access his pedigree here.