Hired Hand Southdowns

Hired Hand Southdowns - Aaron, Jessica and Bronte Jennings



Hired Hand Southdowns was born in 2009 out of Aaron's passion for the sheep industry, specifically the Southdown sheep industry.  He began acquiring his own flock from various reputable Southdown breeders.  Since that time, he has sought out both ewes and rams that exemplify traits valuable to the Southdown breed.  Fortunately, the flock has garnered Class and Overall Southdown Champions in Texas, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Virgina.  He and his wife Jessica are focused on raising outstanding Southdowns for 4-H and FFA exhibitors and other Southdown breeders.  Through the use of embryo transfer and artificial insemination, Aaron has been able to establish a consistent, high quality flock in only a handful of years.  The lambs are marketed in the annual Cornerstone Flock sale, privately, and in various online sales at wlivestock.com.