Hired Hand Southdowns

Hired Hand Southdowns - Aaron, Jessica and Bronte Jennings

Stud Rams

Hired Hand 4034

This sheep is wild in terms of body shape and basic build.  Dad almost missed him as a baby, but once he hit his stride there was no looking back.  We utilized him almost exclusively for the 2017 lamb crop, along with 2 of his sons.  His lambs are already winning classes at majors and should have an exciting remainder of the show season.  

Hired Hand 3034 "Riot Maker"

Power. Mass. Expression.  This ram was born a stud and never looked back.  He was utilized heavily in natural breeding and ET work as a ram lamb.  The lamb crop has base width, rib design, huge racks, and a square hip.  He is a product of the Hardrock Too line on the top side and the donor female 9221.  His impact in our flock will be huge as we move forward with this changer ram.


Hired Hand 1368

This ram is a product of line breeding for the traits we seek in Southdowns.  He was born with a tremendous amount of top and squareness.  His sire is Jennings 1471, a proven stud ram.  His dam, Hired Hand 1108, is a daughter of Jennings 1471 and a CJ Robinson ewe.  The result was a tremendous ram lamb, and his dam is now a perpetual donor female.  We were able to utilize this ram on a few ewe lambs and the results are exciting.  He breeds a killer rib and exceptional top shape. Look for a large lamb crop out of him as a yearling. 


Hardrock Too

Since CJ Robinson gave me the opportunity to purchase this ram he deserves recognition.  Simply put, I wouldn't be a dot on the map without his help.  This ram is to the point a living legend.  In the last 3 years he has sired 6 rams sold nation-wide by CJ and myself with still 2 sons remaining in possession.  His wethers have won State Fair of Texas, Star of Texas (Austin), Heavy with Champion at Houston, 27 county show champions, and numerous placing lambs.  I have flushed 5 of his daughters repetitively, and more still find their way into my donor pen.  His daughters are the core of my flock and kick out good ones ever year.  He is perhaps the most consistent sire I have ever seen. RRNNEDF

Reference Sire

Robinson 4021

Here is a ram that we knew needed to make his mark in our flock.  Sired by Hardrock Too and dammed by Robinson 9007 this lamb was a standout ET lamb in CJ Robinson’s 2014 lamb crop.  He is the full brother to Texas Rock owned by Brian Forsee.  He saw the vast majority of our flock and the result was impressive.   His females and males have the power, hip shape, and functional skeleton demanded for success.  At the same time, he added elevation to the front 1/3 of their skeleton.  We are extremely impressed with his progeny and will be utilizing him in AI and ET work extensively this fall.


Hired Hand 12-1261

1261 is a standout son of the 11-1332 ram. His rib structure and top shape gave him a look that was too hard to resist when the 2012 lamb crop was evaluated. He genetically combines so much good from 1332 and then has a twist of Oldenburg genetics on his dam sire. Thank you to the Heineke Family for their purchase of this stud ram. RRNNEDF